RandomBots Random Sample Generator


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A random number generator that's easy use yet robust.  Generate random numbers from a range [low, high].  Exclude digits. Save or append results to text files.  Print or display the random sample in the order generated or sort numerically.
A program for Windows (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP)
Program Features
  • Generate Random Numbers in the range
    -1,999,999,999 to 1,999,999,999 (Max. Range Size: 2,140,000,000)
  • Specify digits to exclude from output.
  • Optionally display with or without commas: 1,323 or 1323
  • Display results in order generated or sort numerically.
  • Save results to a text file
    • Tab delimited or Comma separated.
    • Save all numbers as a single record (one line of text).
    • Save random sample in a grid & specify number of columns.
    • Add results to existing text file.
  • Print
    • Print to a grid & specify number of columns.
    • Automatically maximize no. of grid columns for printing.
    • Optionally include the control parameters:
      • Input Range and size
      • Excluded digits
      • Number of possible outcomes
      • Count of random numbers requested
      • Random generation seed