RandomBots Random Sample Generator


RandomBots Minotaur
Minotaur is a very comprehensive random number generator.  

Use Minotaur to generate fixed length sequences of random numbers from a numeric interval.  Generate one or multiple sample sets with one request.

Maximum interval: [  -2,147,483,640,  2,147,483,640  ]

Minotaur reports the number of possible sample sets.  Different orders of the same numbers are considered an identical sample set, however, you can instruct the program to exclude duplicate samples.

Generate a fixed or variable number of blank data items per set. The position of each blank item is determined at random.  Specify a word that displays where the blank data items appear.

Save results to text files. Print or display the random samples in the order generated or sorted numerically.

A program for Windows (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP)
Program Features
  • Generate Random Numbers in the range
    [  -2,147,483,640,  2,147,483,640  ]
  • Display results in order generated or sort numerically.
  • Save results to a text file
    • Tab delimited or Comma separated.
    • Save all numbers as a single record (one line of text).
    • Save random sample in a grid & specify number of columns.
    • Add results to existing text file.
    • Save the sample sets in the order generated and/or sorted numerically (each sample set) and/or all sample sets ordered relative to each other and sorted numerically.
  • Printing
    • Optionally include the control parameters
      • Input Range and size
      • Number of sample sets requested
      • Count of random numbers requested
      • Number of possible outcomes
      • Random generation seed