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RandomBots Medusa
Medusa is comprehensive software for random sampling.  Use the program to generate random samples, random assignments and random ordering.

Medusa is Research Randomization Software.

Use Medusa to generate multiple sets of random samples from a population of a given size or from a numeric range.   Use the random numbers to correlate your population to your project conditions or cases. Generate one or multiple sample sets in one request.

Save results and open in your favorite spreadsheet.


A program for Windows (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP)
Program Features
  • Generate Multiple Random Samples in a single draw.
    • From a population size( 2,147,483,645 )
    • From a numeric range [  -2,147,483,645,  2,147,483,645  ]


  • Multiple View Options - Change the view of resulting sample sets without regenerating the data:
    • Display each sample set horizontally
    • Display each sample set vertically with one column per set or all sets under a single column with or without a space between each sample set.


  • You can allow or prevent the repetition of numbers within a single set or across all sets.
  • Display, save and print with a user specified Random Number prefix.
  • Display, save and print results in order generated, sorted numerically or sorted by sample sets.


  • Save sample sets to a text file:
    • Tab delimited, Comma or Space separated.
    • Add results to existing text file.
    • Open the text files in your favorite spreadsheet.


  • Printing
    • Optionally include the control parameters:
      • Number of sets
      • Size of each set
      • Population size
      • Random generation seed