RandomBots Random Sample Generator

RandomBots Auditor

Software for random selection and check number auditing.  Generate randomizations from multiple numeric, non-numeric and date formats.

Enter multiple numeric ranges or non-numeric data in a spreadsheet with 25 rows of data displayed at one time.  Define a data sample as large as your application requires (Unlimited). 

Looking for Alcohol and Drug Testing Software ??
For comprehensive random selection as well as data management resources needed in random alcohol and drug testing software visit RandomWare.com:  RandomWare systems include complete audit trails to help maintain defensible data for sensitive applications - an important feature to consider when choosing random selection software for drug testing.

A program for Windows (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP)
Program Features
  • Numeric Data: Ranges or Single Points (Unlimited)
  • Non-Numeric Data (Unlimited)
  • Import - Export
  • Edit audit resolution notes directly in the program
  • Save - Retrieve - Print
  • Generate two mutually exclusive sets of random samples
  • Client Name
  • General Notes & Comments
  • Preparer's Name
  • Dates: Selection & Fiscal Year
  • Enter Range Data using a scrolling spreadsheet.
Program Details
Numeric Data
  • Select random numbers from multiple ranges.
  • Unlimited: Specify any number of ranges or any number of single numeric data points.
  • Use account identifiers for multiple ranges with overlapping numbers. 
Non-Numeric Data
  • Random select from any data sample.
  • The number of records is unlimited.
  • Enter a data item and an identifier.
  • Each data item can be up to 48 characters.
  • Each item's identifier can be up to 24 characters.
Import - Export
  • Import any data sample from tab delimited or comma separated text files.
  • Export the results of a random selection including client data and original data sample.
Audit resolution Notes - Edit Directly in the Program
  • Edit a note/resolution, directly in the program, for every entry in the random sample.
  • Select from a table of common notes/comments for quick audit resolutions.
  • Edit the table of auto resolutions to suit your application.
Save - Retrieve - Print
  • Save all data samples and results by name for later retrieval and subsequent random generations.
  • Print the random sample - sorted and/or in the order it was generated.
  • Print client data.
  • Print original data sample.
Generate two mutually exclusive sets of random samples
This program will generate two mutually exclusive sets of random selections from multiple numeric ranges or from non-numeric data such as names, IDs or dates.  

There's is no limit to the number of ranges you can specify and no limit to the number of single data items in a sample set for random selection.

Numeric Values can range from -999,999,999 to 999,999,999.

Non-numeric data items can be up to 48 characters in length.  An accompanying identifier can be listed with each data item in the list.  The identifier can be up to 24 characters.

For example, a name and identifier can be entered as: [John Doe Smith, 555-01-1234]

You can specify overlapping numeric ranges if an account identifier is listed with each range.  When account identifiers are specified, overlapping ranges and duplicate values are not monitored.  A number from any range can be selected, however, the same [Number, Account] combination will not be selected in duplication.  

For example, consider the following two ranges with account numbers:
  • [1-200: Acct A]
  • [1-200: Acct B]
A random selection may produce the following items:
  • [3-Acct A]
  • [3-Acct B]
Specify two random samples by count:
  • Primary 
  • Alternates
Data points are not duplicated: a  data item selected in the primary sample will not be considered for selection in the alternate sample.